The meaning behind nihilism!

In my opinion, it's not so exciting to write about nihilism's history and the origin of the word, and so on. I mean, this is a blog for the troubled souls by a troubled soul.

What can trouble us more than the Big Question itself yes, with capital letters the question that never was properly answered and probably never will; Is there any meaning to all this? Do we just be born, grow, get a job, get married, have kids, raise the kids, retire, live a little bit more and then die? This is troubling on a personal, individualistic plane but even with a larger, more grandiose outlook the question becomes: Do we just come into existence, live a bit, maybe witness the end of everything and then die? This becomes even scarier and unsettling.

Nihilism addresses that by saying that yea, life is a bitch, deal with it! This philosophy asserts that there is no collective meaning for human life. we are not here to satisfy some god, to build/rebuild/maintain the Earth, or to reach higher planes of existence if any. It only says that maybe some meaning can be created by each individual based on his/her interests, passions, skills, and whatnot.

We can create our little meanings but we didn't come with a manual that says: John should be a carpenter or Sally should be an engineer. I think what this philosophy is trying to say is that each one of us is a clean slate, and only he/she has the freedom to make whatever they want out of it, and I can't agree more.

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